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My attentive adherence to the Classical Pilates Method sets me apart from the rest

My 2nd generation apprenticeship under Romana Kryzanowska and Romana's Pilates NY certification 2001,  as well as my Teacher Training Certification for the Pilates Standard under founder Bob Liekens LEAP Program (Leading Education Advancement Program) 2018, and my early foundation and practical knowledge of anatomy and human movement coupled with my background in strength training through my extensive Bodybuilding career, all these paths I have taken give me a unique view of the human body and and the solutions to heal the the body through precise movement.

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Janet's focus on strength is applied to every client in a way that elevates their fitness level. 

Janet has a unique and varied background in strength and movement. She has knowledge of classical pilates as taught by Joseph Pilates through his protégé Romana Kryzanowska and through her protégé Bob Liekens! 
As a 2nd generation teacher Janet has remained close to the source. This is valuable because the original exercises are not watered-down!
Janet's goal for everyone she works with is for balance of the 4 S's: Strength, Stretch, Stability, and Stamina.

Woman with Pilates Mat
Practicing Yoga
Working Out with a Pilates Ball
Outdoor Practice with a Stretch Band
Outdoor Practice
Pilates Class on Reformers
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If you use your body incorrectly it will eventually develop imbalances, if not injuries. Even the most fit-appearing body usually has some kind of issue. It takes work to achieve balance!  Classical Pilates balances the body from the inside to the outside! Starting from the deep muscles of the core, we work out to the extremities through systematic movement and exercise. These exercises, performed in the appropriate order have a healing and balancing effect on the human body.

I first came to Pilates as a competitive body-builder who appeared to have a high level of fitness. But much to my surprise, there were some basic Pilates exercises I could not do! Since my deep core muscles were weak compared to my surface muscles, the imbalance produced low back discomfort. This is a very common story.

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What People Are Saying

I love my sessions with Janet. After all this time, they are still invigorating. Janet is precise in her instructions and gives me the cues that I need to make the connections between my body and my mind. You can look like you are doing an exercise correctly, but if you aren't tapping into the right muscles, you aren't getting the desired result. Pilates has definitely helped me become more toned and flexible. It has also improved my posture and has strengthened my core. It also challenges my mind. Janet is wonderfully encouraging and makes the session fun.


Janet has years of anatomy experience and is always ready to adapt a body to achieve the most satisfying experience. She is very dedicated to the legacy of classical Pilates and the positive results known to bring to each individual body.  Janet gives it her all at the Pilates Tech-nique !

Nora Machione-Weiss

Janet has taught me to keep my shoulder blades down and my abdominals in and up! Her voice is always in my head helping me to protect my neck and my back. If you've never tried Pilates I highly recommend Janet's 1-on-1 training or one of her group mat classes.

Jane H

I've been a client for 20 years! Janet is uniquely qualified in the original Pilates Method. She is an expert in working with the body. I feel safe and can put my confidence in her immense experience and knowledge. Janet is upbeat and encouraging. It is rare to find someone with the expertise and commitment Janet has for her clients!


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